For most of a week I have been using Sosius in connection with following the first  ONLINE event Worldwide for TL and LT
Sosius was new to me, but very soon I found my way into this free LMS software.

I have these suggestions:
Sosius is a little heavy – specially on a Mobil connection via G3-mobilphone

  • I asked in the HELP-forum to solve the problem with EDIT in the discussions. and they respond – but I was not sure this was implemented. The problem is that EDIT either is ON of OFF for all – I would like to be able to turn on EDIT for your own posts – and NO-EDIT for others
  • I miss a “arrow up”  When going down in a folder – and coming out of Sosius to e.g. Voicetread – I was not able to get back via the Backspace in Firefox
  • I miss a better way to set up RSS-feeds from my own postings, so I am sure to follow answers in my own mailbox – Sosius automatic sender RSS-feeds when someone reacting
  • I miss very much – treaded MSG like en e.g. First-Class. With so many attendees (227) is hard to follow everything when the debates are “flat”

But saying that Sosius was doing the job – just want Sosius to an even better job next time 🙂


Sorry, no more refelctions from me today as I am busy with Davids presentation today!

David page:

Davids introduction: mms://

Comments here on Sosius:

ONLINE in real-time at 9.00 CST TODAY or at your localtime

Se you there?

You don’t teach collaboration; you just do it.

Going from Voicetread I miss you voice here Patricia, and I miss the active URL.s working in the ppt.-files presented in the iPaper-version.

Normaly its easy to download the PP here to your own PC, but in this case its was impossible (for me) ;-(

But here was good examples of using a wiki for a project vith pupils.

Again a nice Voicetread about: Hardware, Software and “Webware”: Technologies for Learning. How can they be used in teacher and student learning?

Interesting that the “lack og the teachervoice” trigged the participants to a very interesting avtivity in text and words.

It was not on all pictures i understood the meaning displaying a picture – but many of the comments was very interesting!

Sandra Lee was presenting in the lovly Voicetread and with a nice presentation and a nice picture fra Vancouver.

Please stay tuned on… this cource is going to be interesting!

Here in Norway we have a saying that to build a good school library takes at least 10 years wirh the same person as librarian.

Thanks, Dianne McKenzie for a interesting talk building your  SL in 23 days!

I would like to know a little more about the interaktion with the teachers BEFORE this library was born – in the planingprosess. I wonder how your books was organized and why your shelfs don´t have wheels – to better refurbished next time you want to re-arrange your library. And still on the very last pictures the pupils is still sitting on the floor – perhaps its time for new “furnitures”?

I Denmark they are fast to arrange a new library – took 3 minutes 🙂
(but this was a public library)
– look here

Hjørring Bibliotek / Hjoerring Library – Timelapse
from Peter Martin Jorgensen on Vimeo.

Waiting to begin this cource and ready for “fight”

But this very first day we got 3 problems – and I believe they have something to do with wrong settings!

  • Trying to access the VoiceTread at day 1: failed:  NO ACCESS
  • Trying to edit a post in the discussions failed – NO EDIT ACCESS –  (no pensil and X on the top of my entries)
  • Using HELP in Sosius – and is now wating for this
  • Testing out the chatroom in Sosius -I dont think this is working by now?

Trying to sent letters to Canada (1.00 AM) and to Hongkong (5.00AM) – and I am now waiting for some answers

Fritay 20.2.09 at 3.30 PM Oslo-time these bugs was not corrected

Sunday morning 8.00 AM CET (Central European Time) the edit-problems was solved – but still the chat-options to working as expected?
– as far I can see Sosius dont allow edit only for your own posts – but for NONE – or for ALL  (bug)

Have a nice weekend to all!